Summer is here!! ideal convertible weather.. or is it?

This hot weather is great isnt it!? thermometer on the car has been showing 27degrees+ on a regular basis, ideal weather for getting the roof off the old BMW..

Ive had the convertible BMW now for over 3 years. E46 330cd M-Sport, Black Saphire with black leather. Its my first convertible, and also my first BWM. Before owning a a convertible i always used to look at other convertible drivers and wonder why they didnt have thier roof off on hot sunny days... now i know why!

The only draw back about driving a convertible seems to be when you get stuck in traffic jams. With the sun blazing down, the air con just isnt strong enough to keep me cool. I end up having to decide weather to continue to "look cool" with the roof down, or actully stay cool by putting the roof back up!

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