“Code execution has been interrupted” in Excel vba macros.

This morning I started to get this strange error in one of my Excel spreadsheets that was working perfectly well last week! seems Excel has a "bad case of the mondays!"

So i searched google for a fix, and the only solution seemed to be to add the following line of code to the start of the function:

 “Application.EnableCancelKey = xlDisabled”

This was a quick and dirty solution, but it didn't explain the root cause of the problem.
After a bit of investigation i found that on another worksheet i had some cells referencing a function that no longer existed, and for some bizarre reason my macro on a totally different worksheet that was getting interrupted was triggering those cells to update - no idea why!
So i deleted the cells that referenced the missing function, and the problem went away.

Not 100% sure if that was the route cause, but it did seem to solve my problem on this occasion :)

happy coding guys and girls :)

Viessmann Boilers - Beware of bad installations!

So i had a new Viessmann Vitodens 100 30kW Combi boiler installed in my loft, and tonight i had it removed under Police supervision!

I didnt even get a chance to try the boiler as the Viessmann trained installer (who shall remain nameless for legal reason) made such a mess of the installation that i refused to pay him!

How did i know it was a bad job? well when i emailed the photos of the installation to the local Building control office, thier exact words were:

"As discussed it is essential that you pursue your complaint with GAS SAFE and request that they carry out a site inspection as a matter of priority."

And when the inspector from the Gas Safe Regisiter saw the installation, he deemed it unfit for purpose and disconnected the whole house from the gas supply as it was leaking!!

Even Viessmann themselves apologised for the "inconvenience" but were unwilling to assist as it was an issue between myself and the installer.

It all came to a head last Sunday when the Viessmann trained installer whos details are listed on the Viessmann website as a prefered installer turned up on my door step brandishing a plumbers wrench, assaulted me, and then proceeded to rip out all of my gas pipes!! Naturally I had him arrested for assault, something that Viessmann dont seem to care about as so far they have chosen not to respond to my emails.

So word of warning. If youre buying a Viessmann Combi Boiler, be careful who you have to install it. Not only may you get a bad installation, but you may also get assaulted by a crazed plumber.... and will the manufacturer help you out?? no way - they wont be interested in the slightest...

Want to see what a bad Viessmann installation looks like?? bear in mind that this install was completed by a Viessmann trained installer - see the pics below....
Viessmann Vertical Flue System.. pretty!
Viessmann Vitodens 100 pipework
Viessmann Vertical flue system - not so vertical!

New Viessmann Vitodens 100. Combi Boiler installed..

I just had a new Viessmann combi boiler installed in my house this week. I'd not heard of Viessmann boilers before and  I was originally going to go for a Worcester Bosch as i've heard very good things about them, but a local plumber explained that Viessmann have the same reputation in Europe as Worcester Bosch have in the UK so i decided to try one out...

So its now all fitted. mounted in the loft to save space in the house, with a vertical flue going up out of the roof and an RF remote  control to contol it with to stop me having to climb up into the loft to change the settings!

Today was the first time i'd been able to see the installation in daylight. First impressions are that the boiler its self looks great. The plumbings isnt the neetest job ive ever seen but its functional and its hidden in the loft so not a big deal.  However, the roof looks a mess! There are broken tiles, and it looks like one tile has fallen off. The flue look like someone just poked it through the roof from underneath - not finished well at all so i was pretty upset!

Photos to follow tomorrow as i didnt have my zoom lens with me today, but after shouting at the plumber, and  shouting at the roofer, I'm pretty certain they now understand that im not happy with the job...

Photo of the plumbing.. not that pretty, but its hidden in the loft!
Viessmann Vitodens 100 Plumbing

My recent experience/review of the AA breakdown service

The other day i was driving along and my temperature gauge shot up so i stopped, popped the bonnet (hood) and sure enough clouds of steam were coming out - 'not good' I thought so called the AA.

I was told by the AA operator that all the AA men were busy so they would send a "local approved agent".
40mins later a guy arrived with a tow truck. I explained what had happened, and he started to take a look. This is where the fun started...

Given that it was a dark, moonless night, one of the most vital bits of equipment for a mechanic to carry would surely be a big powerful torch - But not this guy - the torch he had looked like one of those lights the doctor uses to look in your eyes to see if you're dead - not much light, and certainly not much use!

So by the dim light of his pencil torch he proceeded to look to see how much water was I had left... good plan, but he looked in the screen wash bottle and told me i had plenty of water left so there couldnt be a water leak! i didnt even comment....

It was at this point I started to realise what I was dealing with here... this guy obviously was not a mechanic, and had no intention of or ability to repair my car. No, his sole objective was to load my car onto the back of his truck and drop me off at the garage so that he could move onto his next breakdown. Obviosuly the AA's locally approved agents are simply paid by the number of cars they recover and not the number they fix!

So thats what we did. we loaded the car up and began the slow drive home....

Since i was pretty sure the problem was a simple issue with a water hose, i had the car dropped to my house, and when i eventually got rid of the tow truck guy, i called the AA and told them exactly what i thought of their incompetent "approved agent". I also insisted that they send one of their trained AA staff to diagnose the fault the next following morning in the light of day (a sunday) after all, the AA boast on their website that they fix one car every 12 seconds, and i pay my membership feed to have the car looked at by a trained mechanic not some local bloke with a tow truck!

So the following day at 10am i got a call from a lost AA man. He was trying to locate my house...conversation went a bit like this:
AA: "Hello im having problems finding your house"
Me: "ok where are you now?"
AA: "Road xyz... Southampton," 
Me: "ok, we i'm in Kent.... over 100 miles away..."
AA: "Oh...." 

So not only do they send untrained incompetent 'local agents', when they actually do send a proper AA man, they send him to an address i've not lived at for over 5 years!! great...

So my review of the AA - not worth the money. i've cancelled my direct debit, and they wont be seeing another penny from me again!!