Ok, so i got myself banned from the forum earlier today for starting a poll about GetResponse...
Ive not been on the WarriorForum for long, but its funny how im looking forward to my ban being lifted tomorrow... some really good stuff on that forum, well worth a read..
Anyway, in the meantime, since ive not been able to waste my day on the forum, ive been creating some code. Been meaning to write a C# library for interfacing with AffiliateWindow's webservice for a while. Finally got round to doing it today, and after a couple of hours slaving at a hot keyboard, i finally got something that works pretty well.

Ive built in some nice features like caching to try and reduce the number of calls i make to the webservice, this should reduce the load on their servers as well as speeding up the response time of my site(s).

I'm planning to build a few sites using the same core engine. if it works, then i have some more great ideas that i can use the library for...

Watch this space!!! :)

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