Shift+Home, Shift+End not selecting text in UBUNTU

I Installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 11.04 on my new SSD, and discovered that pressing Shift+Home or Shift+End didnt do as i was expecting (select text to beginning of line, select text to end of line from cursor position). a quick google search didnt solve my problem so i started digging about...
Eventually i found the solution:
In the Keyboard Layout Options, there is a setting called
"Shift with numeric keypad works as in MS Windows" <- Tick this box and it all works fine :)

New SSD for my old Asus M50 Laptop

So my old Laptop was starting to get a bit slow, Windows Vista was taking ages to boot, and i've recently tarted using UBUNTU as my OS of choice. I wanted to make Ubutu my main OS, but didnt want to format my HDD and lose my windows installation, so my solution was to buy a new hard disk... So I did, but I took the opportunity to buy a new Solid State Disk (SSD) to see what all the hype was about.

A quick visit to and a few clicks later i'd ordered the "128GB Crucial m4 2.5" SSD with Data Transfer Kit"

Well today it arrived, so out came the screwdrivers and in went the SSD. Took about 5mins, to pull out the old disk and insert the new SSD - My old trusty Asus M50 laptop was reborn!!

Unfortunately i've not yet not had the time to test it out fully, but suffice to say that Ubuntu 11.04 will now shutdown, and restart in under 30seconds and most of that time is the BIOS checks so i'm very pleased so far :)