Domain Flipping - my first attempt

Tonight i bought my first domain name with the sole intention of "flipping it" for profit.
Ive bought and own many domains, but ive never bought a domain name specifically for flipping.

In case you dont know, "Domain Flipping" is the practice of buying a domain name, with the sole intention of selling it at a profit. Domains are very cheap to buy, only a few pounds each, however the correct domain name can be worth a fortune!

My idea for this domain name came from the front page of a local free news paper. On this weeks edition there is a large advert on the front page (not a cheap advert!) for a company close to me.
In fact there are two very similar companies advertising, both with large expensive adverts, so i know the market is competitive, knows the value of advertising, and also has money to spend on large adverts. One of the companies advertising includes a website, but their email address on the advert is a googlemail address (i hate that!) Their own website doesnt rank in google, even if you type the name into the search box!! (thats bad!)
Based on my target customers and the location, i selected my domain name. I then used Market Samurai to get an idea of the qty of searches performed. I found a few hundred searches for the keywords per day so i know its a popular market. I also found the market value for monetizing the domain before its sold with PPC adverts (will easily cover its costs)
Next stage is to build the landing page. i'm going to fill the page with keyword rich text and PPC adverts. there are enough relevant adverts showing up to show the business owners their competition, and my theory is that the companies i contact will all hopefully click the adverts, thus generating cash to cover the purchase price of the domains. Quick look in the yellow pages and there are loads of companies in the same line of business who would all benefit from my chosen domain name. All of this confirmed, i pulled out the credit card and bought the domains.. My challenge - to see if i can flip them before the credit card statement arrives :)

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