Affiliate Windows ASP.NET API.

I've got my AffiliateWindow API working. it took a bit of effort as the guys over at Affiliate Window all seem to be die-hard PHP developers and know nothing about ASP.NET and C#.

One of the problems i had to overcome was that MS-Visual Studio didnt like the SOAP based webservice offered by Affiliate Window. Once i cracked that problem i was able to use a tweaked version of the wsdl file to generate a C# class library.

However, the resulting library isn't very intuitive, so ive wrapped the whole thing up in my own, more object orientated class library.

The result is that i have a nice easy to use Affiliate Window API written in C# and designed for use in ASP.NET websites.

Big question now is what to do with the API?? build some sites? create a review site? who knows... was actually thinking of releasing a version con CodePlex as open source to help other people who are struggling with Affiliate Window and C#... if i get any feedback, then that might be an option, in the mean time, i guess i better start using it myself and build some "money making sites" :)

If you want to find out more about Affiliate Window, take a look at thier site - easy way to make a bit of affiliate cash!



  1. Any chance you can explain how you modified the wsdl to get it to work properly with Visual Studio and/or share your wrapper?


  2. Never mind. Found that you had indeed put the code on CodePlex.


    Much appreciated.