So much for Freedom of speech!!

LOL, I just got banned from the Warrior forum for starting a poll about GetResponse Autoresponder.

Following on from their disastrous upgrade which has not only dropped loads of features but also resulted in a price increase, i asked the simple question to the good people of the Warrior Forum:

"will you be staying with GetResponse"

The possible answers where
  1. Yes, i'll be staying with GetResponse,
  2. No, i'll be moving to Aweber
  3. No, i'll be moving to another auto responder company
  4. Not decided yet.
Now considering the amount of pain that the GetResponse 'upgrade' has caused people, i think that's a totally reasonable question to ask dont you?

I mean, come on, banned from the forum for that?? surely a deleted poll and a private message would have been sufficient right? - nope, i get a ban...

Do you get the impression that people moderating the forum are very much "in bed" with the people from GetResponse?? i certainly do.

If that's the case then its simply another reason for me to move away from using GetResponse as my chosen autoresponder.

Any company who deliberately suppress freedom of speach is, in my opinion, not worth getting involved with. Dictatorship, Communism, all words that spring to mind when i see things like this happening in public forums setup specifically for conversation like these...

Whats the matter GetResponse? are you worried that someone like Aweber (who havent just alienated all of their clients with an aborted upgrade) might take some of your market share??

Or maybe, the prospect of another company coming along and knockin you off the top spot worries you so much that you're prepared to take measures like this to defend your market position?

Well let me give you one great bit of advice:


I would be ashamed if i'd released a product with as many problems as the latest version of GetRespone - you only need to read the posts from other unhappy members of the forum to realise that im very much not alone with my opinion.

"All's fair in love and war", and any company who expect not to lose customers after delivering such a messed up product upgrade is deluding themselves, no matter how much you try to silence your critics, if you still have a buggy product, how can you expect not to lose customers??

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  1. We should have paid attention to the story about "Simple Simon" when we were children, then we could have avoided Simple Simon's Horrible Upgrade.