Buying Property in Spain.

A good mate of mine sells property in Spain, and from what he's been telling me, there has never been a better time to buy a place in Spain!
And after reading this article on the Halifax Website, im beginning to see his point of view!

This may seem crazy, and you might be thinking that investing in Spain wouldnt be a good idea, but let me explain why you'd be wrong.

Firstly, we all know the big Spanish property boom is over.  A few years ago people were buying plots off plan in the hopes of flipping them for profit once complete. A few people made a lot of money doing this, but unfortunalty for many, they didnt manage to achive the price they were hoping for and had to sell for a loss.

What that means to potential investors like you and me is that we can now buy property in spain at very low prices. In many cases its possible to buy a brand new apartment for a little over half their original price. Thats a 50% saving! And best of all, there is no waiting about for it to be finished - you could move in right away and stay there this summer!

Spain like the rest of the world is in recession, but prices really have never been cheaper.
If you have a few thousand pounds sat in your bank, then chances are its not making much interest and with bank base rates expected to stay low for a while your money in the bank is doing nothing. 
However, if you were to buy a spanish property while the prices are as cheap as they are now, and you were able to hold onto it for a few years, by the time we start to see an end to the Global economic downturn, your spanish holiday home will have rocketed in price!
Investment in property will always far outperform cash in the bank, so now really is a great time to invest.

Its something im considering. You can pick up nice two bed villas in spain, a few mins walk from the sea,  from as little as €40,000! and that same villa will be worth double that in a few years time...  seems a no brainer to me...

Watch this space....

Driving Through Kenya...

Ok, so Kenya is a pretty cool place, but the driving over there leaves a lot to be desired.. Check out this video that i made back in 2008.
More Kenya vids to come...

Canary Wharf...

I popped over to Canary Wharf today. What a crazy place that is. People in suits running about underneath huge sky rise towers. Kind of reminded me of a colony of ants running about in the complex systems of tunnels buried beneath the towering ant hills.
Everyone seemed to know where they were going, and everyone seemed to have a place to be. The more i observed the people the more i expected someone to walk past with a huge leaf on their head. 
Worse still, maybe a giant spotty kid might come along and start burning us all up with the focused beam of sunlight from his equally giant magnifying glass??  Thankfully the giant kid must have had better things to be doing with his time as i didn't whiteness any city workers busting into flames.

But whats with all the wind?? is it always that windy in the wharf??  people who live close by have always told me its windy over there, but i'd never really noticed until today. Wonder where all the wind comes from? maybe its all the air from the city workers talking to much -who knows...

Ive not been in London for a few weeks and i'd kind of forgotten how expensive London was. Filled baguette and a can of drink - that's £4.98 please sir! crikey!

Well, id better get used to the place. all going to plan, my jobless stint should soon come to an end and i'll be joining the other ants in the daily rat race that makes up wharf life...

Blogging for cash..??

Ok, so people actually make money from blogging? Tell me more.. how does someone earn cash from blogging???

Thats someing for me to figure out. Once ive figured it out, i'll blog about it!
Watch this space...........

Blog Followers.. whats that about then??

So who reads these blogs anyway? how do i go about getting some followers??
DO i really want followers?? isnt that just like inviting stalkers into my life??

Followers = Good, Stalkers = Bad... 

So i wonder what turns a folower into a stalker??

Well i guess time will tell. Currently i dont have to worry as i have no followers.
Anyone want to be my first??

Out of work at the moment - not fun...

Ok, so one of the reasons ive decided to start a blog is that i've got way to much time on my hands at the moment. Yes thats right, im unemployed, out of work, jobless whatever you chose to call me, and to be honest its really not much fun :(

This is a weird feeling for me.. Ive never been out of work since i graduated from uni way back in '98 so whats going on? why suddenly am i not able to get a job??

Its quite demoralising actually. To know that a smart, intelligent bloke like myself is wasting away on the sofa rotting my brain with daytime TV when other, less capable people are still in their jobs struggling to look like they know what they are doing each day - do you know people like that?? im sure i could name a few...

Welcome to the world of Joe

Hi guys, welcome to my blog.
I've been using the internet now for many years and i've ready thousands of blogs, but i've never really got into writing my own.

So here it is - Joes Blog! My very own part of the internet where i can dump my thoughts and ideas.

Im not planning to have any kind of theme to my blog, im just going to dump my thoughts onto the page in the hopes that someone out there in "internet land" finds my ramblings interesting.

So what should i post about?? thats the big questions... What do other people post about i wonder?? time for a bit of blog surfing to get some inspiration me thinks....

Back soon...