Error With Google Wallet

So when i smashed my Nexus 5, i tried to buy a replacement. Unfortunately the Google Play store was not playing nicely, and all i got was this fairly unhelpful error message:

Over the course of a week, i tried a number of times, but still with no luck.
Finally i called up Google to ask what was going on, and they didn't seem to have a clue either.
Then i scanned my Gmail for anything to do with Google Wallet and found this email:
So thanks Google - you had cut off my Google Wallet and, all you could show me as a picture of a stupid broken robot!!

Even though I've been using Google wallet for years, ordered many products, not to mention phones from Google themselves, they still want me to prove who i am and where i live!

So now Google have a copy of my passport, and my utility bill.... scary stuff!

BMW 300cd Cleaned and Machine Polished

Mouldy Window Rubbers BMW330cd ConvertibleMouldy Soft Top Roof - BMW330cd Convertible
My BMW 300cd Convertible was looking very dirty.
The paintwork was dull and covered in bird droppings and tree sap, and the soft top roof and window rubbers had all gone green with mould!

This was far too much work for the local hand car wash - it was time to call in the experts.

And here we see the finished results. Ive owned this car since new, and ive never seen it look so clean and shiny.

If you want your car cleaned like this, best get in contact with Keith from First Impression Mobile Valeting.