Viessmann Boilers - Beware of bad installations!

So i had a new Viessmann Vitodens 100 30kW Combi boiler installed in my loft, and tonight i had it removed under Police supervision!

I didnt even get a chance to try the boiler as the Viessmann trained installer (who shall remain nameless for legal reason) made such a mess of the installation that i refused to pay him!

How did i know it was a bad job? well when i emailed the photos of the installation to the local Building control office, thier exact words were:

"As discussed it is essential that you pursue your complaint with GAS SAFE and request that they carry out a site inspection as a matter of priority."

And when the inspector from the Gas Safe Regisiter saw the installation, he deemed it unfit for purpose and disconnected the whole house from the gas supply as it was leaking!!

Even Viessmann themselves apologised for the "inconvenience" but were unwilling to assist as it was an issue between myself and the installer.

It all came to a head last Sunday when the Viessmann trained installer whos details are listed on the Viessmann website as a prefered installer turned up on my door step brandishing a plumbers wrench, assaulted me, and then proceeded to rip out all of my gas pipes!! Naturally I had him arrested for assault, something that Viessmann dont seem to care about as so far they have chosen not to respond to my emails.

So word of warning. If youre buying a Viessmann Combi Boiler, be careful who you have to install it. Not only may you get a bad installation, but you may also get assaulted by a crazed plumber.... and will the manufacturer help you out?? no way - they wont be interested in the slightest...

Want to see what a bad Viessmann installation looks like?? bear in mind that this install was completed by a Viessmann trained installer - see the pics below....
Viessmann Vertical Flue System.. pretty!
Viessmann Vitodens 100 pipework
Viessmann Vertical flue system - not so vertical!

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