New Viessmann Vitodens 100. Combi Boiler installed..

I just had a new Viessmann combi boiler installed in my house this week. I'd not heard of Viessmann boilers before and  I was originally going to go for a Worcester Bosch as i've heard very good things about them, but a local plumber explained that Viessmann have the same reputation in Europe as Worcester Bosch have in the UK so i decided to try one out...

So its now all fitted. mounted in the loft to save space in the house, with a vertical flue going up out of the roof and an RF remote  control to contol it with to stop me having to climb up into the loft to change the settings!

Today was the first time i'd been able to see the installation in daylight. First impressions are that the boiler its self looks great. The plumbings isnt the neetest job ive ever seen but its functional and its hidden in the loft so not a big deal.  However, the roof looks a mess! There are broken tiles, and it looks like one tile has fallen off. The flue look like someone just poked it through the roof from underneath - not finished well at all so i was pretty upset!

Photos to follow tomorrow as i didnt have my zoom lens with me today, but after shouting at the plumber, and  shouting at the roofer, I'm pretty certain they now understand that im not happy with the job...

Photo of the plumbing.. not that pretty, but its hidden in the loft!
Viessmann Vitodens 100 Plumbing

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