MacBook Pro Retina Fan Clicking

My relatively new Apple MacBook Pro Retina that i ordered on release date has started making a noise!

About every 5 seconds, its lets out this strange Chirping sound. Initially i thought it was some software trying to notify me of something, but on closer inspection in seems to be coming from the left hand cooling fan.

Thinking it might be a stuck fan (maybe its ingested some dog hairs or something) i tried blowing air into the cooling vents to remove the obstruction, but to no avail. The laptop still chirps every 5 minutes!

My guess is that the cooling fan has packed up, which is pretty poor for a brand new laptop costing the best part of £2000!

So i have no alternative but to take it to the Apple store and get it looked at. Having never been a fan (no pun intended) of Apples, this will be my first encounter with their "Genius" staff...  Lets hope its a good experience!!

Has anyone else experienced a chirping sound from their MacBook pro retina?? was there a happy outcome??

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