Whats the Keyboard Shortcut to lock my MacBook Pro Retina?

So Apple claim that Mac OSX is "the worlds most advanced operating system" but after using it for a couple of weeks, i would have to disagree. Simple things that I've taken for granted on Windows operating system for many years, just dont seem to exist on OSX/Apple.

Take for example the ability to lock your workstation. In most workplaces, IT security policy states that you must not leave you workstation unattended and unlocked for fear of unauthorised access. In Windows Microsoft have kindly provided the convenient shortcut "Windows+L" to lock your workstation. Press these two keys, (with one hand!), and you can walk away from your machine safe in the knowledge that one of your joker work colleagues wont be able to send your resignation to your boss from your unlocked workstation!!

Apple on the other hand, seem to have forgotten this basic security need. apparently on older Mac Books, if you press the the rather awkward combination of Shift + control + Eject (requires TWO hands!) you can lock your workstation, but the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display that i bought recently doesn't have an Eject button as it doesn't have an Optical drive!!

So how do i lock my workstation??? Do i really need to install an application to allow me to lock my workstation from the keyboard???

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