New Car - Audi A6 Avant S-Line Quattro

I'm collecting my new car today. I needed something practical. The requirements list was as follows:
1. Must be an estate car to fit the dogs in
2. Must have 4x4 to cope with snowy conditions
3. Must NOT be slow (3l+ engine needed)
4. Leather interior (nobody has cloth!)
5. Built in Sat-Nav

So this is what i ended up with - its a Audi A6 Avant 3.0L Quattro S-Line Le-Mans.
Its fully loaded with all the toys like driver and passenger memory seats, rearview reversing camera etc etc... 

Bet of all I managed to buy it for about £4k less than its market value, thanks to an impatient dealership who just wanted to get it off their forecourt. 

It has been part-exchanged for a brand new car, and the dealership wasnt an Audi dealer so they just wanted it gone. I saw it, test drove it, made a silly offer and they accepted!

Once ive had it for a while, i'll write a review, but so far, very pleased!!

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