M&S Airflex Shoes - FAIL

I wondered why i was getting wet feet. I figured maybe i had a small hole in my shoe or something but no -the whole sole had split open like a gaping mouth and was gulping up puddle water with every step!!

M&S Airflex Shoes - Split sole
M&S Airflex Shoes - Split Sole

"Not just any split sole, this is an M&S split sole". So, should a six month old pair of Air Flex shoes break like this?? probably not...

Well i was going to return them for a refund, but decided i would try to melt them back together!... 20minutes later, a burnt down candle, and stench of molten rubber in the air, i though i had managed to mend them...  Wrong - the repair lasted about 5 steps before opening up again. Time for  new shoes. (probably another pair of Airflex as they are very comfy)

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