Banned For Life from the WarriorForum

Banned from the WarriorForum
Well it looks like im another victim of the Warrior Forum's banning of innocent people.
Tonight i posted a thread, it got deleted, and next thing i know i get a message saying:

You have been banned for the following reasons:
Spamming WarriorForum - internet Marketing Forum

Date the ban will be lifted: Never.

So i guess thats it then. Banned for life!
I've send a helpdesk request to ask why i was banned, but i dont really expect an answer.
In the meantime, as a paid up member of the WarRoom ($37 lifetime membership) which i can no longer access, Ive filled a complaint with PayPal to get a refund, afterall what use is a lifetime subscription to a site i cant access!!??

This is the second time ive been banned now. It would seem the the mods over at the WarriorForum really are a little trigger happy with the Ban Button...

But nevermind.. Their loss, not mine. I can still browse the forum, take all the good bits and not feel any obligation whatsoever to contribute anything back.. Next time i see a post from a newbie strugling with something, i'll just have to let them suffer safe in the knowledge that i would have loved to help them out, had it not been for those pesky mods...

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  1. Thats tough! Sorry to hear that....just ask them to get you back in, hope that helps. If not, you can just get a new computer w/ a new IP....sorry you went through it.

    Good luck, and love your site here!! :)

    Stay positive....everything happens for a reason.