Canary Wharf...

I popped over to Canary Wharf today. What a crazy place that is. People in suits running about underneath huge sky rise towers. Kind of reminded me of a colony of ants running about in the complex systems of tunnels buried beneath the towering ant hills.
Everyone seemed to know where they were going, and everyone seemed to have a place to be. The more i observed the people the more i expected someone to walk past with a huge leaf on their head. 
Worse still, maybe a giant spotty kid might come along and start burning us all up with the focused beam of sunlight from his equally giant magnifying glass??  Thankfully the giant kid must have had better things to be doing with his time as i didn't whiteness any city workers busting into flames.

But whats with all the wind?? is it always that windy in the wharf??  people who live close by have always told me its windy over there, but i'd never really noticed until today. Wonder where all the wind comes from? maybe its all the air from the city workers talking to much -who knows...

Ive not been in London for a few weeks and i'd kind of forgotten how expensive London was. Filled baguette and a can of drink - that's £4.98 please sir! crikey!

Well, id better get used to the place. all going to plan, my jobless stint should soon come to an end and i'll be joining the other ants in the daily rat race that makes up wharf life...

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